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Application Process

If you know what program you are applying to, proceed to Step 3!

Previous Applicants/Returning Brock Students

Applicants who were previously registered at Brock must contact the Admissions office, by emailing, for the appropriate application form.? This includes students who have:

  • studied at Brock on a Letter of Permission
  • registered in courses previously but dropped them and never actually attended classes
  • registered and attended classes (even if part-time or Audit), and wish to return to Brock
  • graduated from Brock and interested in a Brock Second Degree

Exception:?Applicants applying to the BSc Nursing program who are current Brock students or graduates must apply.

Undergraduate programs

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Types of Applications

  • OUAC (Ontario University Application Centre) – Applying to multiple institutions
  • Brock Application – Applying to Brock Only

Applications will continue to be accepted after the deadline where space is available. Application fees are non-refundable.

EntryApplicantApplicationLinkApplication DeadlineFee
FallCurrent Ontario Secondary School Students & those studying the Ontario curriculum abroadOUAC 101 ApplicationStart applicationJanuary 13, 2022see OUAC website
FallAll other applicants not currently attending an Ontario secondary schoolOUAC 105 ApplicationStart applicationJune 1 (some programs have an earlier deadline). Applicants are encouraged to apply early for competitive programs.see OUAC website
Fall/Winter/SpringInternational students (only applying to Brock)Brock ApplicationStart applicationVaries, depending on program. Applicants are encouraged to apply early for competitive programs.$130
FallBScN Nursing (all applicants except current Ontario Secondary school applicants)OUAC 105 ApplicationStart applicationApplication Deadline: January 13, 2022 Document Deadline: February 10, 2022see OUAC website
Fall/Winter/SpringCanadian citizens, permanent residentsBrock ApplicationStart applicationTwo weeks before start of term$130
Fall/Winter/SpringPart-time Studies or Mature ApplicantBrock ApplicationStart applicationTwo weeks before start of term$55
Fall/Winter/SpringAuditorBrock ApplicationStart applicationTwo weeks before start of term$55
Fall/Winter/SpringVisiting Students (Incoming Letter of Permission - LOP)Brock ApplicationStart applicationTwo weeks before start of term$55
Fall/Winter/SpringUpgradingBrock ApplicationStart applicationTwo weeks before start of term$55
Fall/Winter/SpringOpen StudiesBrock ApplicationStart applicationTwo weeks before start of term$55

Applying for Winter Entry

There are a number of programs at Brock that allow for entry in the Winter semester. Below you’ll find a table of all programs that are currently accepting applications for full-time or part-time study. Additionally, you’ll see if these programs allow International students to apply.

Note: If you are an upper year transfer student wishing to transfer into a related degree program at Brock and you do not see your program of choice listed for Winter, please email? In some cases, some Winter programs?may be available if your post secondary studies to-date position you for upper year entry to Brock.

Available programs for Winter start

OUAC Code Start Year Program Name Faculty Full-Time? Part-Time?International can apply?
BAL2022Bachelor of Arts in Applied LinguisticsHumanitiesNoYesYes
BBC2022Bachelor of Arts - Critical CriminologySocial SciencesYesYesYes
BBP2022Bachelor of Science - BiophysicsMathematics and ScienceYesYesYes
BC32022Certificate in Language & Culture ProficiencyEducationYesYesYes
BC42022Cert in Language Proficiency for Native SpeakersHumanitiesNoYesNo
BCA2022Certificate in Public AdministrationSocial SciencesNoYesNo
BCC2022Certificate in Women's and Gender StudiesSocial SciencesNoYesNo
BCD2022Certificate in Education and Applied TheatreHumanitiesYesYesYes
BCE2022Certificate-Teaching English-Subsequent LanguageSocial SciencesNoYesNo
BCH2022Bachelor of Science-BiochemistryMathematics and ScienceNoYesYes
BCL2022Certificate in Labour StudiesSocial SciencesYesYesYes
BCQ2022Certificate in Public LawSocial SciencesNoYesNo
BCV2022Certificate in Grape & Wine TechnologyMathematics and ScienceYesYesYes
BCW2022Certificate in Studies in Rhetoric & Prof WritingHumanitiesYesYesYes
BD 2022Bachelor of Arts - Child and Youth StudiesSocial SciencesNoYesYes
BE 2022Bachelor of Business EconomicsSocial SciencesYesYesYes
BEC2022Bachelor of Arts - EconomicsSocial SciencesYesYesYes
BEG2022Bachelor of Science-Environmental GeosciencesMathematics and ScienceYesYesYes
BEN2022Bachelor of Arts -English Language & LiteratureHumanitiesYesYesYes
BET2022Certificate in EthicsHumanitiesNoYesNo
BF 2022Bachelor of Arts - Film StudiesSocial SciencesYesYesYes
BG 2022Bachelor of Science - Computer ScienceMathematics and ScienceNoYesNo
BGE2022Bachelor of Arts - GeographySocial SciencesYesYesYes
BH 2022Bachelor of Science - Mathematics & StatisticsMathematics and ScienceNoYesNo
BHI2022Bachelor of Arts - HistoryHumanitiesYesYesYes
BHL2022Bachelor of Child HealthApplied Health SciencesYesYesYes
BHM2022Public Health and Masters of Public HealthApplied Health SciencesYesNoYes
BHU2022Bachelor of Arts - General HumanitiesHumanitiesYesYesYes
BI 2022Bachelor of Science - SciencesMathematics and ScienceYesYesYes
BIM2022Bachelor of Science - Biomedical SciencesMathematics and ScienceNoYesYes
BIN2022Bachelor of Science - NeuroscienceMathematics and ScienceNoYesYes
BIP2022Bachelor of Arts - International Political EconomySocial SciencesYesYesYes
BIS2022Bachelor of Arts-Interactive Arts and ScienceHumanitiesYesYesYes
BIT2022Bachelor of Science - BiotechnologyMathematics and ScienceNoYesYes
BJ 2022BSc Math & Statistics - Accelerated Math StudiesMathematics and ScienceYesNoYes
BJC2022Bachelor of Science - ChemistryMathematics and ScienceYesYesYes
BJP2022Bachelor of Science - PhysicsMathematics and ScienceYesYesNo
BK 2022Bachelor of AccountingGoodman School of BusinessYesYesYes
BL 2022Bachelor of Arts - Canadian StudiesHumanitiesYesYesYes
BLA2022Bachelor of Arts - Modern LanguagesHumanitiesYesYesYes
BLB2022Bachelor of Arts - Labour StudiesSocial SciencesYesYesYes
BM 2022Bachelor of Music-School of Fine & Performing ArtsHumanitiesYesYesYes
BMM2022Bachelor of Arts with a Major in MusicHumanitiesYesYesYes
BMR2022BA - Medieval & Renaissance StudiesHumanitiesYesYesYes
BN 2022Bachelor of Business AdministrationGoodman School of BusinessYesYesYes
BO 2022Bachelor of Science - GeographySocial SciencesYesYesYes
BOV2022Bachelor of Science-Oenology & ViticultureMathematics and ScienceYesYesYes
BP 2022Bachelor of Physical EducationApplied Health SciencesNoYesNo
BPC2022Bachelor of Arts - Popular CultureSocial SciencesYesYesYes
BPH2022Bachelor of Arts - PhilosophyHumanitiesYesYesYes
BPK2022Bachelor of KinesiologyApplied Health SciencesYesYesYes
BPO2022Bachelor of Arts - Political ScienceSocial SciencesYesYesYes
BPU2022Bachelor of Public HealthApplied Health SciencesYesYesYes
BPY2022Bachelor of Arts - PsychologySocial SciencesNoYesNo
BQ 2022Bachelor of Arts - ClassicsHumanitiesYesYesYes
BR 2022BA-Visual ArtsHumanitiesYesYesYes
BS 2022Bachelor of Science - Biological SciencesMathematics and ScienceYesYesYes
BSH2022Bachelor of Science in Medical SciencesApplied Health SciencesYesYesYes
BSK2022Bachelor of Science - KinesiologyApplied Health SciencesNoYesNo
BSM2022Bachelor of Sport ManagementApplied Health SciencesNoYesNo
BSO2022Bachelor of Arts - SociologySocial SciencesYesYesYes
BSS2022Bachelor of Arts - Social SciencesSocial SciencesYesYesYes
BT 2022BA Dramatic Arts-School of Fine & Performing ArtsHumanitiesYesYesYes
BTV2022Bachelor of Tourism and EnvironmentSocial SciencesYesYesYes
BUC2022Bachelor of Arts -Media and Communication StudiesSocial SciencesYesYesYes
BUD2022Bachelor of Arts - Business Communication StudiesSocial SciencesYesYesYes
BW 2022Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure StudiesApplied Health SciencesYesYesYes
BWS2022Bachelor of Arts - Women's and Gender StudiesSocial SciencesNoYesYes
BX 2022Bachelor of Science - Earth SciencesMathematics and ScienceYesYesYes
CE 2022Bachelor of Business Economics - Co-opSocial SciencesYesNoYes
CEC2022Bachelor of Arts - Economics-Co-OpSocial SciencesYesNoYes
CEG2022BSc-Environmental Geosciences-Co-OpMathematics and ScienceYesNoYes
CGN2022Bachelor of Science-Computing & Network Comm Co-opMathematics and ScienceYesNoYes
CHI2022Bachelor of Arts - History Co-opHumanitiesYesNoYes
CHM2022Public Health & Masters - Co-opApplied Health SciencesYesNoYes
CJC2022Bachelor of Science - Chemistry-Co-Op ProgramMathematics and ScienceYesNoYes
CJP2022Bachelor of Science - Physics - Co-OpMathematics and ScienceYesNoYes
CK 2022Bachelor of Accounting - Co-OpGoodman School of BusinessYesNoYes
CLB2022Bachelor of Arts - Labour Studies Co-opSocial SciencesYesNoYes
CN 2022Bachelor of Business Administration - Co-opGoodman School of BusinessYesNoYes
COV2022Bachelor of Science-Oenology & Viticulture - Co-OpMathematics and ScienceYesNoYes
CPO2022Bachelor of Arts - Political Science Co-OpSocial SciencesYesNoYes
CPU2022Bachelor of Public Health - Co-opApplied Health SciencesYesNoYes
CT 2022Dramatic Arts-Co-Op, Fine & Performing ArtsHumanitiesYesNoYes
CX 2022Bachelor of Science - Earth Sciences Co-opMathematics and ScienceYesNoYes
HS 2022Concurrent SSSocial SciencesNoYesNo
B422022Certificate in Adult EducationEducationYesYesYes
BAA2022BEd in Adult Education As a First DegreeEducationYesYesYes
BAC2022BA-Arts & Culture-School of Fine & Performing ArtsHumanitiesYesYesYes
BAD2022BEd in Adult Education As a Subsequent DegreeEducationYesYesYes
BAH2022Bachelor of Arts - Community Health Three YearApplied Health SciencesYesYesYes

See a program you’re interested in?

Start an application for part-time studies

Important Information

An incomplete application will expire in two weeks after first activated. If you cannot complete the application immediately, an email will be sent with a link allowing you future access to the application.

Email is the primary communication tool for Admissions at Brock University. If you have not received an acknowledgement email thanking you for applying within four business days of submitting your application, there may be a problem with your email address. Here are some common problems:

  1. You have an email address that ends in The server is rejecting Brock emails. We advise that you contact? a different email address. If you have applied through OUAC, add a different address using your OUAC account.
  2. Your mailbox could be full.
  3. You have a new email address and haven’t told us. Contact? your new email address. If you have applied through OUAC, add a new address using your OUAC account.
  4. Add Brock to your friends/safe list (see below).

In order to avoid problems after submitting your application, please add the domain to your safe?senders?email list and check your junk email regularly. Ensure your junk folder is not set to automatically delete messages.


Please add us to your safe senders list using these directions:

  1. Log into Hotmail.
  2. In the top right of your inbox, click on the settings icon wheel.
  3. Under Junk Email, click Safe and Blocked Senders or Safe Senders.
  4. Type in?, in the Sender or domain to mark as safe entry field.


Gmail accounts have been redesigned to automatically filter communications from large institutions like Brock University and categorize them as Promotions. By creating a filter for emails from, you will ensure that all correspondence with our office is delivered to your primary inbox. Please add to your safe sender list in Gmail by following these instructions:

  1. Log into Gmail.
  2. Click on the settings icon (top right of screen – it looks like a gear).
  3. Choose Settings from the list.
  4. Click Filters at the top of the page.
  5. Click Create a new filter.
  6. Type? the From box in the next window.
  7. Click Create filter with this search at the bottom of the page.
  8. Click Never send it to Spam and Always mark it as important.
  9. Click Create filter button.
  • You must have a valid credit card to apply.
  • Once your application is submitted and paid, you cannot make changes.
  • If you wish to make a change, please do not submit a new application. Email?
  • Applicants who were previously registered at Brock must contact the Admissions office, by emailing, for the appropriate application form.
  • Application fee is non-refundable.
  • If in doubt whether you are using the correct application, contact?

Application fees:?

  • OUAC 101, 105, TEAS: see OUAC website.
  • Full-time International application: 130.00
  • Full-time Internal: 130.00
  • Auditor, LOP, part-time, mature, upgrading, adult education: $55
  • Continuing (AQ) Teacher Education (in-service): no fee
  • IELP Conditional/undergraduate application: $400 ($100 assessment fee, $50 service fee, $250 IELP application fee)

Some programs require additional applications/steps. Visit?Important Deadlines?for additional information.

If?you have attended college or university and wish to have your previous study considered for recognition (transfer credit), you may be required to submit course descriptions or a complete syllabus (detailed outline of a course). Goodman School of Business applicants will be asked for detailed courses descriptions for any previous study. All other applicants will be asked as necessary.?

All applications will expire on the last day of registration for the intended session (fall, winter, or spring).?If you apply and do not supply all required documentation by the stated deadline or by the last day of term registration, whichever comes first, your application will expire and you will be required to pay all associated application fees again if you choose to reapply.?